No. 324 Hospital of PLA

¡¡¡¡No.324 Hospital of PLA is situated in Jianxin Donglu, Jiangbei District, Chongqing Municipality City. It was founded in the year 1968. After decades of years¡¯ development, No.324 Hospital of PLA has become a modernized comprehensive hospital, owing over 600 beds and sophisticated facilities such as MRI, Spiral CT, digital subtraction angiography, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc. There are 36 subjects with more than 60 high-level experts (chief and associate chief physicians).
No.324 Hospital of PLA is creative and advance with the times. The development of disciplines is very successful. Based on the full understanding and application of emergency technology microsurgery, minimal invasive surgery, transplantation and intervention technology, the hospital developed some superior disciplines and special subjects. Radiofrequency ablation and laparoscopic cholecystectomy was firstly conducted in Chongqing.  Besides many other technology has reached the advanced domestic level, including  openheart surgery under extracorporeal circulation in cardiothoracic surgery, limb (finger) replantation and minimal invasive internal fixation in orthopedic department,  transurethral vaporization resection of prostate in urinary surgery, radiation therapy in the TCM oncology department, painless labor and abortion in gynaecology and obstetrics, intervention and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the neurology,  etc. Among them, microsurgery and TCM oncology radiotherapy rank the top level in Chengdu Military Command and has been set as a special medical center.
No.324 Hospital of PLA aims to serve every patient comfortable. It has beautiful and clean environment, nice and experienced doctors, clear and reasonable charging. This hospital has participated in many emergency medical rescues and has a good fame. It has been honored ¡°Army Advanced Hospital¡±, winner of "Army Bethune Cup "for three consecutive years, "Star Hospital for Medical Services" in Chongqing, etc.

Source £ºChongqing Hospital Association
Date £º2015/11/23 21:16:55

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