Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Chongqing

  Our hospital is a level one traditional Chinese medicine hospital targeted at medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and health protection. It is also a network hospital belonging to the international emergency rescue centre of the Ministry of Public Health of China, national baby-care hospital, and national institution for medicine experiment. Since 2012, it has become the affiliated hospital of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University.

  The hospital consists of two parts: Nanqiaosi in Jiangbei district and Daomenkou in Yuzhong district, possessing the total area of 163 acreages and the building area of 121,000 square meters. There are 2,300 beds, 28 clinical departments and 10 technical departments in this hospital. The number of outpatients is 1.75 million and that of discharged patients is 59,000 in 2014.

  There are 5 national-level clinical key subjects, 11 key developing subjects, as well as 3 research institutes. It is also the diagnosis and treatment centre of Chinese medicine in Chongqing, workstation for academicians in Chongqing, postdoctoral workstation, and instructing centre of clinical technique of Chinese medicine nursing. There are 2,685 medical staff in the hospital, including 343 experts with high professional titles, 438 professionals with doctor or master degree.  

  There are over 200 sophisticated medical instruments and facilities, including 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance machine, 64-row 128-layer spiral CT, X-ray angiography system, digital radiophotograph system, automatic biochemistry and immunologic detection system, etc.    

  More than 130 science-technological achievements have been awarded. Over 300 safe and effective Chinese medicines and preparations have been manufactured by the staff of the hospital. At present, over 80 research projects are being underway in the hospital.

Source Chongqing Hospital Association
Date 2015/11/23 21:16:17

Chongqing Hospital Association (CQHA)